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Environmentally Safe Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal

Even if you vacuum every day, your carpets might be harboring dust and germs. Let us give carpets the deep clean your family or employees need to stay healthy. Kind Care Carpet of Beaverton, Oregon, offers carpet cleaning and stain removal at competitive prices for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers.

Really Clean

Dirty carpets and rugs leave a bad impression on your house guests or clients and the germs accumulating could make you sick. When we are through, your carpeting will look absolutely beautiful, even in high-traffic areas, and create a healthier environment. Our technicians also remove those stubborn stains and pet odors. You'll love how great carpets look and feel afterwards!

Countless Benefits:

• Kills Dust Mites, Germs, & Bacteria
• Removes the Dead Skin Mites Live on
• Sucks out Flea Eggs
• Pulls Pollutants out of Your Home
• Makes Traffic Lanes Look Clean & Fluffy
• Prolongs Carpet Life & Improves Softness
• Washes out Water-Soluble Soils & Oily Dirt
• Reverses Some Oxidation
• Brightens Colors
• Removes Odor Sources
• Extracts Allergy-Causing Pollens & Spores
• Eliminates Most Returning Spots
• Rinses Residues Left by Previous Cleaners
• Preserves Factory-Applied Protective Finish
Carpet Being Cleaned - Stain Removal

Contact us today to help uphold the warranty of your carpets and maintain healthier interior spaces.